Urbana! Day 1

17,000 students here to worship God and seeking for HIS name to be known in all the earth.  I don’t think I can find a more overwhelmingly amazing experience.  Walking into the auditorium tonight, I was in awe over the amounts of people here in St. Louis!

Standing at the booth today was also amazing, talking with students and hearing where God is leading them and their questions.  Walking around the exhibitor hall, I’m overwhelmed by the ministries that are going on around the world, and so thankful that God equips people in different ways with different passions to do His work in different ways all over the world!  I visited friends at the Crossworld booth (one who is going to the same city in Bosnia I was in in March), met women from Poland (who know the director of the language school I work with), and talked with the people at International Justice Mission – who wrote the book that our church did as our small group study devotional!

I’m excited to see what God’s going to continue to do here at Urbana, and so thankful that He’s brought me here.  So to summarize my first day, I’ll resort to one of SEND’s debriefing methods: “Describe your experience in one word!” (Thank you, Dave Tucker!) — Today’s word is: OVERWHELMING.  In a good way. 😉


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