I’m still learning at school…

On Friday I was a substitute teacher in the 2nd grade. When I originally signed up on the sub list, I indicated that I wanted to work with grades 6-12. But one day while I was praying, I was reminded of the prayer that I was challenged with over the summer: “Lord, show me how You limit me rather than how I limit myself.”  Since then, I’ve subbed for grades five, three, and two in addition to the grades I thought I could do. It turns out I enjoy working with the little kids as well!

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28. This was the verse we discussed today in church. I had been thinking about this on Friday in the context of my different experiences I am gaining while working in the school system and by being home in general. During some downtime, I even made a list of the subjects I’ve taught and things I’ve learned.

(1) High school special education, where I caught up on my teenage pop culture.
(2) Middle school special education, when I realized that I am TEN whole years out of that school.
(3) Third grade special education, where I learned of the uncensored affection of younger children.
(4) High school physics. Here I learned that I can sub for subjects I don’t know anything about, and that saying, “I have no idea how to do this” is not a shameful thing.
(5) High school Spanish.  I learned to get a little creative and have the kids play Taboo – in Spanish.
(6) High school history. I taught an eleventh grader Dr. Drummond’s trick of reading the first and last paragraphs of articles. It rocked her world.
(7) High school Spanish AGAIN. It makes such a difference to go into the day knowing what to expect! I even taught a short lesson on the verb “to be.”

Through all of this, I’m learning what I like, what I’m good at, and how to believe in myself.  God is using this time to prepare me, to teach me, and to grow me.

While with the second graders, I was greeted by the strong embrace of a little girl who I have babysat for since before she could even crawl. During her recess, a group of her classmates got into an argument and gathered around me filling me in on every detail  so that I could solve this issue. My dear little friend came over to the conversation and butted in, “Listen to what Christine says! She is good at this stuff!” I couldn’t help but smile.  My life makes an impact… even while I’m just learning along the way.


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