50 years.

Sitting in the Eagle’s Nest, while reading of the early life of C. S. Lewis, I purposefully tuned my attention (though not my eyes) to the group of older adults sitting across the room.  Here were PBU grads – celebrating possibly their 50th anniversary of their graduation. I hear them catching up on life – “What have you been doing over the past fifty years? Keep it short!”  They go around the circle – one man has been a teacher in various schools for over forty years; one went to seminary; a woman leads a small group at her church; one couple have been missionaries for over 50 years; one brought old pictures.  I listen as they recount stories of the people in the pictures. Some names are even familiar to me from old stories I have heard.

Eleven believers gathered around.  Eleven brothers and sisters trained at the same institution which I proudly call my alma mater.  Eleven family members.  This is me, 50 years from now.  They share life together now as they lived life together 50 years ago.  I imagine how the Lord has used them in the past 50 years.  How has He used their Bible training?  What else have they learned since?  How have they impacted the world?

What stories will I be sharing when it is my turn?


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